About Us

We, at Abhivyakti, through our training, coaching and consulting interventions, enable individuals and organisations to not only discover their potential but also find ways of its expression. We also help them to identify their WHY – their purpose and develop a plan to start living it.

Our tag line ‘expression liberates’ is meant to convey to everyone who comes in contact with us that each one of us experiences a feeling of liberation when we are able to express ourselves fully. That expression may just be a verbal expression of thoughts that one has been holding on to or it can take many other forms viz. singing, dancing, painting, cooking, writing etc.

We strongly believe that life operates from inside-out. Inside is the foundation on which the outside structure is established. It, therefore, remains our approach in any work that we commit ourselves to.

In the context of an organisation, there is a huge potential of human resources just waiting to be tapped. They must also adopt an inside-out approach to growth by bringing clarity in vision and ensuring alignment in values.

We believe in working with organisations that believe in our work.

We believe in enabling individuals and organisations to move from change to transformation.

We believe in Making a Difference
We believe in following Inside-out Approach in our work
We believe in Adding Value

Our mission

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