Confront Issues


In our life, we keep facing issues which need to be resolved. In such issues, most of the time people are involved and the only way to resolve is to have a conversation, a dialogue. The first step to initiate a conversation is to ‘confront’ the issue. In this context, confront is a very positive word.

Then, why is it that in such scenarios, many people tend to avoid the issue. I am making this observation based on my interaction with hundreds of participants in my programmes on ‘Conflict Resolution’.

What happens when we avoid issues rather than confronting them? Let me give an analogy.

Avoiding an issue is like putting things under the carpet. Visualise that if you start putting things under the carpet, what will be the shape of carpet over a period of time? Moreover, you have to walk on that carpet because that is the space you are using all the time. Every step you take creates pressure, poses a risk, and affects you emotionally.

In some time, whatever is under the carpet starts stinking and smelling too. How good is that?

Why do we avoid then? There are multiple reasons and all of them are related to the self. Some of them are: fear of hurting others, need for approval, low self-esteem or lack of confidence.

The price of avoiding is very heavy. One, the issue does not get resolved and it may actually aggravate over a period of time. Two, it starts draining you emotionally. Three, it starts creating a distance in relationships.

Therefore, confront issues and resolve them…




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