Learning: What January Taught Me

One thing that I am sure of is that life is a journey of continuous learning. It is said that if you do not learn your lessons, events keep on repeating themselves to make sure that you learn and move on.

I started tracking my own learning and thought that the best way to anchor it is to write and then share.

Here it goes:

  • Connect with an organisation bigger than you: To grow, one has to go beyond one’s own mind. The best and the easiest way is to connect with a bigger organisation, other than the one you may be working in. Once you are in such an organisation, you instantly get diversity of ideas and experiences and that is so valuable. In every city, big or small, there are many such organisations. I connected with one this month.
  • Be open to learning: Even as every moment of life can be a teacher, what I am suggesting here is that when specific opportunities of learning come up, grab them. There are seminars, workshops, lectures, meetings happening everywhere. Many of them are free and others are highly subsidised. If you want to invest, there is of course no limit to opportunities. I had four such experiences this month.
  • Show up: This is one of the major contributors to success. Do you want to know some statistics? Only 20% show up in time. People register and when the time comes, there are reasons (excuses) to stop them. Three levels of showing up: show up, show up in time, show up before time. I am practicing the third one.

Which ones of these resonate with you?




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