Professionalism: Responsive


Image Credit: Iridia Medical

A little while after the Thai Airways flight that I boarded from Phuket took off, in-flight crew started serving snacks. When they approached me, I indicated my preference for Vegetarian meal, a request that I had made while booking my ticket also. He immediately checked the roaster and bluntly told that my name did not appear in the list and got busy with BAU (business as usual). On asking, he served some juice.

A little while later, another attendant, passing through the aisle noticed that I was not eating anything. He enquired and I made the same mention as before. His response was different. He said, ‘let me see what best I can do’ and went away. After some time, he came back with a pack of peanuts. I thanked him and also appreciated his responsiveness.

A few minutes after that, the first attendant also brought a small bowl of fruits. I thanked him too.

However, I started thinking what made one person more responsive than the other.

Why is it that the first attendant, when he too had to eventually look for a solution, could not give the comfort in the first place?

Whose behaviour is more influential?

How does it impact the image of the organisation?

I am sure both of them must have been exposed to similar training and grooming programmes.

If you are a part of an organisation, how will you ensure uniformity of behaviour?

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