Our Testimonials

It was truly an enriching experience. I am sure it will be helping me and many of us in our future endeavours. Thanks for the commendable lecture.  


Good experience. Got to know a lot about resumes and the importance of body postures. We got many important ideas related to our interviews.    

Rahul Raman

It was a very nice learning experience. The points were very well brought across to all of us. Very interactive as well.Something that hasn’t been taught to us in the 4 years of college.

Shreya Chawla

I was an introvert kind of person. But today’s PPT helped me to become an extrovert. Now I am confident enough to become extrovert. This PPT really helped me.                


The session was a very good and interactive experience. It felt good to know that several people had the same queries as myself, and that there were ways to tackle and answer them. I will definitely be more calm, composed and confident when I attend an interview or group discussion. I also got very useful […]


This session was a very good and definitely immensely knowledgeable experience. All the exercises performed, though not being an actual situation gave us an experience like we actually were being interviewed. It was an amazing learning experience and I thank you for it. I am assured now that I have better knowledge about this. Thank […]


This 3 hour training programme was a very informative session. I learnt about lot of things that are often overlooked and they matter so much while resume development or portfolio development or group discussion and interviews. Definitely an enriching experience for me and I am sure what I learnt today will make me go a […]


The session has been of great use to me. There was a lot of learning which I am sure is going to be of a great help. The tips on resume and portfolio preparation were very relevant. The workshop was conducted in an interactive manner, which got all of the audience involved. Thank you!

Siddhi Phatak