The Indian Values

For the last few weeks we’ve been discussing values and how they impact our personal and professional lives.

A very simple example of these values is what we as a country are showing are made of. Even after all the reason India has been given to attack, we’re keeping our cool. This situation could’ve been a complete nightmare but there haven’t been any knee jerk reactions from this country for the only reason that our fundamental value system is very different from those who’ve been attacking us constantly.

Honesty, courage, truthfulness are just a few values that India has displayed while confronted with such a situation. We hold true to our morals and while we want vengeance we refuse to fall down to the treacherous levels of our attackers and that is our biggest strength.

It’s in our blood to forgive and let go but that must not be taken lightly because this is one of the greatest countries in the world and if we know how to forgive we also know how to set things right.

How do you think these values apply to an organization and what results are possible if one sticks to what they believe in?




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