Unschooled yet Educated


Everything in our life is happening for a reason. That includes all the people we meet all the time. It is immaterial whether we meet them for a short duration or long, whether they are related or not and whether we work for them or vice versa.

Sharing two experiences we had with our domestic help which clearly show that a person may be unschooled and yet educated.

Once she had taken four days to go out of station for some family event. At that time, even a substitute was not available. Whenever such a situation occurs, a practice that we follow is to clean utensils immediately after use so that they don’t get accumulated. Two days into this, my wife got a call from her. The apprehension was that she might extend her leave. On the contrary, she informed that she had come back early and would be back to work the next day. Had she wanted, she could have still taken two more days off without any risk of deduction from her income or not call and just come the next day with the possibility of less work to do. However, she chose to be different.

Again, a couple of days back, a little while after coming for work she started complaining of acute abdominal pain. My wife made her rest for a while and with no sign of improvement, suggested her to go. However, an hour later, she surprised us by turning up with clear signs of recovery. In the intervening time, she had gone to a medical store, taken medicine, allowed it to work and when she felt better, chose to come back and finish her work.

In my work experience of over 30 years and the profession I am in, I have met thousands of people but such behaviour is not commonly observed. It stands out. Doesn’t it?

What do you think are the drivers of her behaviour? Am I right in saying that she may be unschooled but she is definitely not uneducated, for she knows what the right thing to do is?

Vikramaditya Duggal, viduggal@gmail.com


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