What April Taught Me


The journey of learning continues. Zeroing in on three key learnings, month after month and here is what April brought to the fore.

  • Its Your Choice

I was attending a programme in Mumbai. After dinner and all conversations got over I still had about 3 hours of waiting time for the flight. A good friend had a room in the same hotel and he offered me to come and relax there for a while. I was in a dilemma for a while. His three words made my choice very clear. He told me, “It’s Your Choice”.

I continued to reflect on his words and realised that if we start accepting that everything is ultimately our choice, how much power will that give to each one of us.

  • Celebrate

We went to attend a family wedding in Punjab. There was so much celebration all around. As it is, dance with energy is what Punjabis are famous for. At every possible opportunity, I too danced which I am not otherwise used to. What that experience left me with was a lot of positive memories. That is what celebrations are for. Learnt that we must create reasons to celebrate.

  • Take Action

In a programme that I was a part of, the facilitator distributed the group to smaller teams. The task given was to decide and take an action in the next 10 minutes that would help us move a bit closer to our goal. We all took some action. When the sharing was being done, a lady reported that she took an action about her hobby of singing which she had put on hold for the last 30 years. There was first a pin drop silence and then a thundering applause. Anyone can imagine what that lady might have felt. I realised that it is only an action that shifts all possible outcomes. I am committing myself to it.


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