On a Sunday morning, a few days after Suraj got transferred to Mumbai as a unit head, he came across the news of a half-marathon. He was thrilled as he had been missing out on such opportunities because of his posting in a smaller town. The last couple of years had gone by without any such strenuous activity and he had obviously lost touch with it.

He took no time to register and was excited to share the news with his office staff. The next morning, this was the news everyone was destined to hear. In conversation, he was actually able to motivate two other team members to join him.

Next few days went in preparation about the logistics, in the mind only. They had decided to meet at the Churchgate station half an hour before the start time and then be together.

The day came. His teammates, on the way to marathon, called to check the whereabouts of Suraj.

He was still sleeping. He very casually told them to go ahead and he was not in a mood to join them. They felt betrayed. However, they participated and were feeling rejuvenated when they returned.

Suraj took credit for their participation and felt that he was successful as a leader because he was able to motivate them.

I brought to his attention that his behaviour was inconsistent because there was a mismatch between his words and his actions. What could be the long term implications if such behaviour continued? Most importantly, what would be the impact of similar behaviour with his young children who have an impressionable mind?

He was set to thinking… and my purpose was achieved…

What do you think about leadership qualities of Suraj?

*Based on a real life experience…

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