What March Taught Me


When it comes to learning, every moment is a teacher. This write up reinforces my learning as it makes me reflect on the time gone by. When I get some queries, it makes me think deeper.

Face Your Fears – The Firewalk:

I got an opportunity to participate in a firewalk event. There were many others too. I had my own apprehensions before going there. When the time came and instructions were being given, there were rumblings in those present. The way the hype was being created was deliberate – to bring up the fears people face. When I actually came to doing it, two things happened. One, it did not take long and two; it was easier than I was making it out to be and I felt good about myself. The lesson that emerged was: when we face the fear, it just takes moments and we come out stronger.

Life Lessons:

I listened to Mr Deepak Ramola, a young man of 25 years who is on mission is to collect life lessons of those he meets and keep sharing them with others. Every person has a lesson to share, irrespective of his/her background. As we meet people with the intention to understand their life lessons, it becomes very easy to accept them and build relations.  It is the need of every individual to be respected and be recognised. Check more on his website: www.projectfuel.in

5 Second Rule:

This rule says that if we don’t take action on what we want to do within 5 seconds, the mind goes into a ‘defence’ mode and stops the action. There can be many examples and the most common is the morning alarm. Alarm rings because it obeys its settings. However, what do we do? If we don’t get up in the next five seconds, the probability is that many more minutes will go by. I have experienced it in various situations and the lesson I am implementing is to take action, in 5 seconds. Here is the video link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lp7E973zozc&t=6s

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