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  • Mar 15, 2017
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what-is-your-story-narrativeWe recently had elections in five states and many ‘leaders’ came to the forefront. Their narrative tells a lot about them and their styles. If we examine their behaviour, there are a lot of lessons to be learnt, as an individual and as a leader.

Rahul Gandhi: He has absolutely no clue about his political role. This is a role that requires a touch with the ground to rise up, a lot of hard-work and 24×7 availability. When he speaks, his narrative is anything but clarity. Failure after failure, there is not a word of taking responsibility, what leadership is all about.

Lesson: A leader needs to be in touch with ground reality and the work he does proves his mettle.

Akhilesh Yadav: He enjoyed the benefits of his father’s work over the years. He believed that his rule for the last five years was good enough a qualification to be elected again. He got so influenced by some forces that he ditched his father. Thankfully, Indian ethos doesn’t accept that. He heavily paid the price.

Lesson: Respect those who have built an institution and know who is influencing you.

Mayawati: She took leadership of a party and there was humongous opportunity to contribute and make a difference to the last man in the state. She lost the plot and instead got busy with statues which somehow do not satiate the hunger. These elections, she assumed that she would win just by playing caste and religion cards with no evidence of any work to prove her strength. On the verge of political oblivion, she is putting the blame on technology that has long been proven.

Lesson: People see work and not labels. Assumptions don’t help you win the game.

Kejriwal: A victim to the core. I don’t really understand in which world does he live. His narrative is so negative that it can never connect to people emotionally. He himself is deviating from values that he professed. It is also worth noticing as to who parted with him and who aligned with him.

Lesson: Leaders are driven by values and they take a stand. They carefully choose who surrounds them.

Amit Shah: He has demonstrated what it means to work with ear on the ground. A master strategist and based on it, getting people to work, irrespective of which position they hold. Knowing every team member who has to deliver and start the work well in time to touch the finish line.

Lesson: Stay connected to the ground and go to last detail to deliver the outcomes.

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