Why Values

Values- a very heavy word thrown about very easily. What exactly are values?

Some say values are what we receive from our parents; some say they’re taught in moral science classes in schools.

I believe values are the guiding principles of our lives. They influence our attitude and our actions, which in turn result in the fruits we reap.

Values are our powerhouse and living a life where you’re constantly compromising with your values is like living without a piece of yourself.

Let’s try and understand why sticking to your values and living by them is important. The basic reason is that you will be respected for it. You will be known as the person that sticks to their word and thought. If punctuality is something you believe in then communicate this to the other person, because if you don’t respect your time then why should others?

Another aspect of valuing your values is that it brings clarity about what you want to achieve. Your personal values will help you identify your goal and once that is sorted, then moving towards realizing those goals will be much easier.

Now, goal achievement cannot happen unless you’re capable of making a decision. I don’t say ‘right’ decision because it may or not be right and that’s where your values play an important role. Make a decision based on your value system and you will never be disappointed. Also, don’t underestimate the strength it takes to make a quick decision.

Values drive our behavior. They are the statements that have formed our entire belief system. Some of these we receive from our families and others we form based on our experiences and learning. Some values change over time as we grow but our core values stay.

Your personal values are very directly connected with your conscience and if someone or something makes you go against your core values, an alarm bell, difficult to ignore, will go off. Remember, it’s not right to hang on to a relationship, or job because of the future potential it holds. That would be like updating to software that isn’t compatible with your phone and hoping that it magically starts working right for you.

Now, the most important and relevant role that values play is to keep one motivated and how is that? It’s very simple, for example, unless the company you’re working for mirrors your values you will not be motivated to work and give it all you’ve got and your impact and productivity will suffer. And of course if the two fall in line then nothing can stop you from achieving what you aim to.

This holds true not only for an individual but also for an organization. If a company truly believes in its values, lives by it and grows by it then it’ll create a sense of indisputable respect not only in the employees but also the multiple stake holders and they will align themselves with the company because when someone stands by what they believe in then it is easy for those working for the organization to believe in it as well.


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With this, I urge you to think and figure out what values do you stand by.



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